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Santorini Boat Rental

by Sea4all

Choose a boat, a date and your navigation hours

Gasoline not included.

Maximum capacity of up to 6 people.

Hire a motorboat in Santorini

Plan your perfect summer holiday on a personalized boat with your family and friends. Half day, full-day hires available. Brand new Boats to Rent. With or Without Skipper. We invite you to come to Red beach and meet us. We will be more than happy to tell you all the information you might have about Boat Hire in Santorini.

No License Required

We invite you to enjoy the volcanic clear water of Santorini island! You will get unforgettable filling and emotions from driving off a powerful motorboat! You choose by your self the most beautiful places to stop and to swim! While the trip each person on the boat can be a skipper because the LICENSE not Needed!!!!

Full Day – Half Day Rentals

If you don’t have a motorboat licence, then our 30hp boats are ideal for you!

Simple and easy to drive, we will of course give you the necessary briefing and information upon rental of the boat. So, jump aboard and be your own captain for the day!

Bareboat charter … be the captain you always wanted to be.

Everyone can drive a boat without license

You, your partner, your parents, your friends, your cousins … anyone who accompanies you will be able to hold the steering wheel and sail at full speed. Each of these boats are equipped with a bluetooth speaker that will allow you to play your music. In addition, in the hole activity, you can take photos and videos. Who does not want a picture while driving a boat?

What will we do?

We present the star service this year, drive a boat without a license. Have you ever dreamed of driving a boat with total freedom? Now this is possible and all can do it. The activity will begin in our premises and we will take you where the boats are located. Once assembled, we will teach you how to drive the boat and give you some basic explanations about the maritime traffic regulations.

Where will we be?

The activity will be carried out at our local Sea4all base located nearby the Red beach in Santorini. It is relatively close to Asterias Restaurant and can easily be reached by car or public transport.

Book your Private Boat Tour even if you don’t have a license and enjoy your day exploring the Aegean waters

Full-Day or Half-Day Boat Rentals without License in Santorini … Start your own Captain experience with the Sea4all and enjoy the stunning views of Santorini Island.